Welcome to my corner for old house enthusiasts

This site is includes two sections.  One holds information on products
and services related to restoration, with attention to building materials
and techniques while the other promotes my design and restoration
business.  I have a passion for old houses and I'd like to promote
preservation and restoration by sharing and discussing products, building
techniques and other businesses which support that.  I also own a small
company specializing in restoration, renovation and design of early 20th
century homes.  
My personal philosophy involves maintaining and restoring the original
appearance of houses as well as creating new spaces with architectural
elements matching original ones.  This can be accomplished with
salvaged or pieces and in the blog I'll highlight specific items that I've
used or seen, along with companies providing services related to old
houses.  The blog will highlight products and businesses for information
and discussion, while the resource links page shows a list of websites I
think will be helpful for readers.  I'll also consider including ads for
businesses specifically involved with original and reproduction products
and design, as well as other restoration services.  
Photos of some of my past work are included in my Facebook business
profile which can be reached via the link on the Photolink page.  
Four-Square Design
Restoration, Renovation and Design
Under Construction