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Architectural salvage stores
I'm a strong proponent of architectural salvage.  As an advocate of
restoration and preservation its unfortunate that so many old
houses had to be "updated" or destroyed for these stores to exist,
but their existence allows other old houses to stay looking old or
look old again.  I'm lucky to have several stores nearby and I've
utilized them repeatedly, always finding exactly what I need for my
clients or myself.

Those I visited and those with internet sales

Black Dog Salvage Roanoke,VA-

Caravati's Inc Richmond,VA-
This two level store in Richmond, VA is full of all kinds of house
parts.  The first level has several sections, the main one being the
room of doors.  The service desk looks out onto the lighting room
which also houses small door, window and plumbing hardware.  
There is a lighting repair shop in the store and while the refurbished
fixtures and special, individual globes are expensive, there are
shelves of fixtures and parts which are more moderately priced.  
Also on the first level are the tubs.  Its a small selection but all in
very good condition.  The second level houses window sashes,
moulding, radiators, tile, sinks, toilets and kitchen style cabinets.  
The owner and staff are really friendly and helpful, even when
there's a line of customers waiting.

Community Forklift, DC
This non-profit salvage store in Washington, DC is an excellent
place for old house parts.  Since the inventory comes from
donations, there are always new things to find.  Inside, they have a
nice selection of toilets and pedestal, console and wall sinks from
the 20s to 40s.  The tubs are in the lot outside and most aren't is as
good condition as the sinks.  There is a huge number of old
appliances, especially stoves and stacks of doors in a variety of
sizes.  I've never gone there and not found the exact door I was
looking for.  Inside the warehouse is an area, essentially a small
antique store, with more exceptional, more expensive items and
recently the store has been increasing its supply of antiques
including furniture.  I donate as many salvageable things as I can
from my home and business, since the store also sells overstock
and leftover building materials.   As a nonprofit business, the prices
here are low compared to other salvage stores but since inventory
varies so much, luck determines a successful shopping trip.  

Second Chance Inc Baltimore, MD
Seattle Building Salvage
Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques LA, CA

Mid America Architectural Salvage Dubuque, IA
New England Demolition & Salvage New Bedford, MA
Off-the-Wall Architectural Antiques Carmel-by-the-sea, CA
Old House Salvage Greenville, SC
Re Use the Past, Inc Grantville,GA
ReNew Building Materials & Salvage, Inc Brattleboro, VT
Sarasota Architectural Salvage Sarasota, FL
Scioto Architectural Salvage Chillicothe, OH
Urban Archeology New York, NY
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