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Kitchen, bath and plumbing

American Bath Factory -
This company sells reproduction tubs and faucets.  Most are made of their Acra Stone material but
they also offer a cast iron claw foot tub.  

Barry E. Walter Sr. Co -
This is an excellent resource for plumbing parts, mostly valve stems, for a wide range of brands.   
They're capable of fabricating an array of pieces so if its not in their catalog, they may be able to
make what you need.  

Bath and More -
This site offers a variety of antiques along with new, reproduction bath and kitchen products with a
few hardware items as well.   

Bathroom Machineries -
Here they specialize in reproducing parts for old and obsolete plumbing fixtures, notably old Crane
pieces.   They also sell a variety of other interesting plumbing, electrical and hardware products
along with a selection of antique items.  

Baths from the Past -

Guillen -
A distributer for replacement faucet parts and new products.  

Faucet Parts Plus -
This site carries a large selection of replacement parts but the most interesting are the old style
faucet handles and faceted escutcheons for brands including American Standard and Crane.  

Lefroy Brooks -
A British brand available at specialty kitchen and bath shops.  Some items show a modern look but
faucets and fixtures from the past inspired many of their products.  The "About Us" section
describes the inspiration behind their designs.  They make one of the few rectangular base toilets

New York Replacement Parts Corp -
There is a large catalog of plumbing parts with a number of old look, replacement handles and
escutcheons. -
This store offers a large selection of plumbing supplies including shower rings and enclosures,
free-standing tub faucets and other bathroom accessories.

Plumbing Parts Plus Inc -
No internet sales, but for DC metro area residents, this store stands as an excellent resource for
repair and replacement parts for old plumbing fixtures.  As a customer, the stems I needed weren't
in stock but the store shipped my order to me after delivery, so that I could avoid a long return drive.

Signature Hardware -
Signature hardware has a large selection with a wide range of products, emphasizing kitchen and  
bath.   I've ordered several items with no problems and received excellent customer service.  For
example, the shower enclosures I bought through this site were high in quality and looked and
performed perfectly.

Strom Plumbing -
Available at specialty shops and now with a limited selection for purchase online.  There is a large
variety of free standing tubs and faucets, kitchen and baths faucets, sinks and accessories with many
combinations to choose from.  My favorite pieces are the Mississippi collection which depicts a very
authentic representation of old faucet style.  

Sunrise Specialty -
A good source of reproduction tubs, tub and shower faucets and shower rings, with a few sinks and
toilets.  Their products can be found at specialty plumbing stores and at online retailers.

Sunny Wood -
This company has medicine cabinets in several interesting designs, made with solid wood and wood
veneers.  They are available in showrooms and from several online retailers.

Vintage tub & bath -
This online store for antique style plumbing fixtures has a large selection and wide variety of
products, but carries some different brands.   The sinks I bought through this site were high quality
and the site has excellent customer service.

Wood Essentials -
Handcrafted, solid wood medicine cabinets with traditional, metal butt hinges.  Their products are
built to order with standardized models but are fully customizable, with several finish and hardware
oprions.  The original model is simple but the new crown molding version has a more vintage style.  
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Consumers Supply Company -

Houseneeds -

Hudson Reed -

Radical Radiator Restorations -

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Barker Metalcraft -

Beautiful Radiators -

Shutter Shack -
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